Friday, 15 January 2010


I have made a friend in Japan. His name is Yoshi, yes like the video game. Yoshi is the lead singer in a really ripping punk band named IQTWENTY. Last month he took us to see his show.
So Yoshi and another car high fived on the ride to the venue, Yoshi's car is only a week old, this was my second car accident in Japan in one month!
Yoshi and crew gearing up pre-show
These were the first tattoo bearers we saw in Japan, pretty cool that they are traditional Japanese style, apparently most are done through bamboo needles! OUCH.
A very hard hardcore band opener, scary stuff.
IQTWENTY was great, apparently their last performance for a long time; kids, work, life and all that wholesome stuff that gets in the way of good bands.

The mosh pit was precarious with a camera!
Yoshi feeling sore after a ripping set, off to work at 5am painting again tomorrow for him. It was real nice to such a good punk performance in Japan so early in my time here. I never once saw a good concert in Korea by Koreans, and I looked hard. I hope Japan has more of this type of scene as the hello kitty J-Pop is quite scary to me.

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