Saturday, 24 April 2010

New Garden friend

So, as some of you know we are busy making a large garden here in our backyard in Sanda, Japan. This has attracted many birds, insects and slugs to our formerly dead lawn; but we now have a new member of the backyard. Today I found a very lovely and pretty large (7 inches) Japanese five-lined skink (a lizard to all the laymen) just basking on a stick beside the tomato beds. I hope I didn't scare him off as they love to feed on our worst enemies the dreaded slug and the cursed beetle. This is exciting for us and shows that when you create a garden you rehabilitate the dead suburban land we are all so familiar with. Small animals can make their homes, the cycle of life is encouraged by not using pesticides or herbicides and you end up with a much richer daily backyard adventure. So we have a new friend to compliment the Momo-bird, the jerk bird and the little white butterflies, Jackie has decided to name him "Takarazuka" and we hope he sticks around.


  1. I like the name of your new garden skink! He is quite handsome actually! Nice to hear your doing well with your garden, wish we could be there to see it. It's still a bit too early for us to plant just yet, but the tulips and daffodils are beautiful right now.

  2. wish I could see them but I am busy in my garden haha, maybe I will post a few things on the garden's progress, we have a full Japanese garden almost completed and many large veggie beds!