Friday, 19 November 2010

Our House/School (All the Bells and Whistles)

Japan is full of noise. So full in fact that I find it necessary to wear earphones while shopping because I get an instant headache in Japanese shopping malls and grocery stores. The store with the cheap meat is difficult because the meat is cheap but when you step into the meat section you set off about half a dozen sensors that scream Japanese meat ads to you. Our house is a little quieter but there is no lack of noise: If the co-op or delivery truck isn't going by (affectionately called "the cat truck" because it has a cat with kittens on it) blaring advertisements through a megaphone...... the "we'll take your old things people" are going slowly around the neighbourhood with the truck announcing.... " air con, moto baiku, computo, Terebi ...." Our house buzzes and whistles to tell me things are done or turned on or off. It took me months to figure out which melody was connected to which appliance but now with a month left to go; I can tell the "cat truck" from the garbage truck and the bath is warm song from the your laundry is done song. My head is chalked full of melodies that I hope I will never have to discern again.

So here is out house/school with all its bells and whistles:

Our Washitsu (traditional Japanese room) our formal classroom and guest room this is where the people who visited us stayed. And the Japanese Maple Bonsai I just had to have which is going to be given as a present to one of our favourite student's mother.

Only one ding here for the heater/air conditioner.

The upstairs washroom, notice the top of the toilet, this is genius the water that will refill the toilet after you flush is first the sink to wash your hands in.

Our bed room and balcony for laundry hanging.

The table room, the second classroom in the upstairs of the house. I have recently redocorated. This classroom is used for adult classes who do not want to sit on the floor in the washitsu and older children and and teenage classes.

The view from the upstairs.

The picture we bought to add some dimension to this huge space. Doesn't it remind you of something that should be hanging in a 1970s Canadian lodge?

Our living room and fish tank. The table has a heater underneath (a cotatsu) you turn it on and sit under the blanket.

Our living room and waiting room for the school. Plus fireplace. On the wall is the camera door bell that ding dongs then I can view who is outside. Pretty handy.

The mud room that leads out to the garden.

This is our kitchen, the kettle goes "pop" the rice cooker goes "rrrrrrr" the oven behind the blue curtain goes "dododo dodo dododo dodo do" and the washing machine behind the white curtain goes "ping pong ping pong"

This is our house/school's entrance way.

Believe it or not our downstairs washroom is three rooms. You enter into this sink room.

This console that controls the washroom... The blue button turns on the water heat, the pinky red button fills the bath and the orange button reheats the bath. When the the bath is ready it plays "dididi didi dodo" and says some stuff in Japanese.

This is the bath the most fabulous part of the house/school.

Behind the sink room is the toilet with another sink, you plug it in the seat warms your bum it is also a bidet..... not that I have use such a creepy contraption.

The console above the toliet paper controls the toilet .... no joke.

This is our office/slash clothes closet. Notice with all the high tech stuff here we (for some reason) have a manual feed single sheet photocopier. This I feel, tipifies the Japanese love/hate issue with technology.

The office from the opposing view.

This is the cutest room in our house. Affectionately called the "kid's room" this is where we teach small children's classes and overflow classes.

All the drawings on the wall are Josh's and the kids just love the stuffies. Especially the walrus for some reason.

This is our teaching material closet. It took me two days to organize it but it rocks now. And my rainbow, I really thought we needed a rainbow.

This is our House/School we hope you enjoyed the blog tour.

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