Thursday, 25 February 2010


Ralph Nader has long been a champion of society and community over the elite, we have always admired his outspoken ability to raise consciousness and get results (he is after all the guy who formed the seat belt laws of the USA). This is a short video series that everyone who is living in this world should watch, he implores us to subordinate corporate power to the rule of the people, not communism but a taming of the international financial oligarchy by WE THE PEOPLE. You have the 30 minutes to watch, I mean you are just looking at our silly blog are you not? Forget Obama, if you wanted real change you should have been supporting Nader.

On "you tube" you can catch the last two parts of this great speech titled "Ralph Nader on corporatism".

Please get together and act as communities, watch what is going on and actually write your MP, otherwise you may as well live in a feudal system. The most important point made in these videos is for us to actually become a civil society rather than an individualized mass of consumer slaves to the corporate elite. Let us not sit idly by as our society is ruled by unelected public commons looting pirates, you only live once!

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