Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Slug Hunter

Lately there has been a massive invasion of trail-driving plant munching slugs terrorizing my garden. They are everywhere, leaving holes and scratches along with snotty trails all over the garden. I have tried beer traps, coffee grounds and even resorted to the controversial methaldehyde toxin bait, all to little effect. So now I have upped the ante and gone ahead embarrassing myself to my neighbours simply to keep my garden safe; I have become a nightly slug hunter. Tracking their slime trails to the source every night and tossing them into a vat of beer and salt. How do I do this? Well, I reccomend using a pair of chopsticks and a headlamp as it keeps your fingers clean, both hands free and the neighbours thinking we are freakier every day. It is all worth it as the holes on leaves are decreasing and my chopstick skills are getting sharper with every slippery little monster I haul out of there. Tonight's hunt sunk 112 slugs to the bottom of their hoppy grave.


  1. Hey Slug Warrior! Awesome kill record 112 in one night- I'm impressed! Proud mama...

    Love ya...Mom X0X0

  2. you know I try, plus it is a great reason to keep a few beers lying around, they like it more than me.

  3. Does this qualify as drinking with your buddies? LOL Love ya...Mom