Sunday, 9 May 2010

Was that an earthquake? No, just a pair of drunks slamming into my house

At about 5:30 we were awoken by a loud thud and a droning car horn. Sure enough Jackie's prediction came true, that our strange driveway, which enters directly on to a main street, was inviting a car accident. We ran out to find two bewildered 20-somethings stumbling around amazed that they were not hurt. Their car ran straight from the street then between our front tree and our parked car slamming into the retaining wall. Both of them were piss drunk with bleary eyes, stumbling just fresh from a night of partying in nearby Osaka. Luckily I didn't park my car in the other spot as I would have awoke to an accordion for a car. I called my manager and tried to stall the two out until police arrived as they were planning on escaping with a tow-job and general cover-up. I mean I am not the type quickly react with police intervention but we were not up to explaining the broken wall to our boss without the culprits there.
When the police arrived along with the tow a massive scene ensued, a total of seven police cars and vans came up asking us all for descriptions of what happened, taking photos and breathalizing the two drunkards. The police told me that our man blew a 0.16, which is far above the 0 allowable limit here in Japan. This incident will remove his licence (yes that is Canadian spelling) fine him with all damages, raised insurance premiums and a steep $11,265 fine and the passenger will recieve a $5,800 fine. Lesson here: NEVER DRINK ANYTHING AND DRIVE IN JAPAN, or park your car directly facing oncomming traffic. Now if only Jackie could make some predictions to the effect of finding money buried somewhere.


  1. Wow-Good thing your car was not in the way! What a drag that would be. Between our BBQ thief and cars crashing into your driveway, we're having an interesting time between us! LOL Glad the guys weren't hurt, but how will they ever pay such a ridiculous fine off? Japanese laws are very strict. What's the crime rate like there? Hope Jackie has a dream about that buried money or a lottery numer, she's bang on with her prediction so far!

  2. Wow a car crash...we only have bikes and drunk people crashing into our balcony from the path beside our house! I am glad to hear you guys are so much fun!
    Ang and Tim