Friday, 29 October 2010

Funny Little Cars

Japan has some great and well known cars, this is no secret. But when you live in this island chain there are quite a few strange ones they seem to know will not do well abroad. These models have funny names like "what" "voxy" "scrape" and other names fitting their strange forms. As most of you have never been to Japan and have only witnessed their North American friendly models I am going to try and give you a glimpse of my streetmates here in the land of the rising sun. The funniest is by far the Japanese trucker penchant for dressing up trucks like something out of transformers, or better yet, the road warrior. There are black ultra-nationalist right wing group (think Japanese skinhead) cars that spew noise and propaganda and hate over the streets. Funny delivery trucks abound as do three wheel mini cars, this is a priceless sight to see for car fans, hopefully we can get some of these strange things into Canada: would be awesome to have a three wheeled transformer car.

Oh Japan...silly place

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